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Restaurant Los Cachitos menu

Classic and inspiring cuisine. The highest-quality fresh produce

Cold Starters

Avocado, cherry and tuna belly salad 13.15€   Santoña anchovies (8 pzas) 17.80€
Red tuna Carpaccio 16.50€   Homemade Galician pie 10.50€
Cachitos salad with tuna belly and spring onion 9.90€   Goat cheese salad with honey Vinaigrette 9.90€
100% pure Iberian ham of acorn-fed pigs (Señorio de Montanera) 25.50€   Red tuna tartar (balfego) with avocado 19.75€
Navarra extra thick asparagus tips 9.75€   Marinated salmon with avocado 13.50€
Tomatoes with Mozarella 8.90€    Mixed salad 9.50 €


Warm Starters

Carril fine clams in Albariño white wine (300 gr.) 31.50€   Sautéed beach squid with artichokes from Tudela 16.80€
Grilled Galician cockles 14.85€   Farm eggs with foie and straw potatoes 17.80€
Sautéed Crayfish from Marin 18.30€   Galician octopus à feira estyle 19.70€
Grilled rock mussels 11.00€   Fried Padron's Peppers 12.30€
Duck confit cannelloni with caramelized apple 12.20€   Prawns fried with garlic 18.50€
Creamy Codfish fritters 12.50€   Red tuna tataki on tomato cream 17.90€
Fried baby squid 16.00€   Fried aubergines with honey 9.90€
Cabrales cheese croquets (5 units) 11.00€   Grilled vegetables with romesco 9.90€


Soups, rice and noodles

Fish and seafood soup 8.90€   Risotto with crayfish 18.50€
Rice with cod and wild asparagus 16.95€   Small Noodles with prawns and clams 18.50€
Black rice with cuttlefish and cockles 17.15€    Seafood Paella (mín. 2 pers.) 16.50€
Rissotto with prawns and mushrooms 17.00€      



Grilled Galician sirloin or with sauce
(mustard, pepper or Roquefort)
21.95€   Roast farm Chicken ( ¼ ) 10.50€
Grilled veal steak 12.50€   Galician beef Entrecote finished on hot iron 23.50€
Galician Large steak grilled ove coal 20.50€   Roast leg of young goat cooked on slow fire 25.50€
Grilled rabbit ( ½ rabbit ) 10.50€   Great   grilled  Sausage 13.30€
Young goat chops grilled or frieds 17.90€    Oxtail stew beef with wild mushrooms 16.00€



Grilled Cod with onions and olive oil 18.50€   Monkfish tail baked with potatoes 16.95€
Koskera style Hake 17.50€   Cod with nuts and eucalyptus honey on spinach nest 20.80€
Baked Cod  loin with  prawns & clams 23.00€   Grilled octopus with parmesano parmentier 16.55€
Grilled Salmon with parmesano parmentier 17.35€      


Artisan desserts

Creme cramel 4,00€   Custard-filled flaky pastry roll 5,00€
Brownie width nuts 4,70€   Coconut puding 4,90€
Yoghurt cake with blueberries 4,70€   Apple tart warm with liquid cream 5,00€
Almond tart with sweet wine 4,70€   Ice cream Vanilla, cocoa or stracciatella 5,00€
Custard-filled almond tart 4,70€   Fresh Orange juice 5,00€
Soft cheese and quince jelly 4,80€   Irish coffee 6,50€
Creme caramel width raisins 4,00€   Small Irish coffee 3,00€
Fresh pineapple 4,50€   Cheesecake soft and marmalade 5,50€
Custard with burnt sugar 5,00€   Apple tart with stracciatella 6,00€
Tiramisú 5,50€      


Service and taxes included.
Terrace and inferior salon has an additional 0.30€ to 0.50 € per product.
All fish and meats on our menu can be cooked on the grill.
The sauces have a supplement of 1.50 €.

Teléfono Restaurante Los Cachitos
+34 933 292 811

Mapa Restaurante Los Cachitos
Ronda Sant Pau, 4
(08001 - Ciutat Vella, BCN)

Email Restaurante Los Cachitos
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bus Restaurante Los Cachitos
21 (Ronda Sant Pau - Paral·lel)

Metro Restaurante Los Cachitos
L2, L3, FM (Paral·lel)

Facebook Restaurante Los Cachitos

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