Teléfono Restaurante Los Cachitos+34 933 292 811  | Mapa Restaurante Los CachitosRonda Sant Pau, 4 (08001 - Ciutat Vella, Barcelona)  | Email Restaurante Los CachitosThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  | Bus Restaurante Los Cachitos21 (Ronda Sant Pau - Paral·lel | Metro Restaurante Los CachitosL2, L3, FM (Paral·lel)  | Facebook Restaurante Los Cachitos

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Restaurant Los Cachitos tapas

Extensive and innovative menu of freshly made tapas

Frieds slices of artichokes 6.95€   Broken egg with fresh sausage 6.35€
Cantabrian anchovies 9.95€   Jabugo spanish ham 13.50€
Grilled cockles 7.30€   Shoulder of pork with potatoes 5.40€
Pan-baked cod 6.90€   Grilled mussels 6.40€
Spicy bomb 5.15€   Black puddin width onion 4.40€
Vinegar Anchovies 4.95€   Bravas potatoes 4.50€
Codfish fritters 6.00€   Pepe (beef tenderloin sandwoch) 6.25€
Sirloin cubes width garlic 9.60€   Fried season fish 6.30€
Batter-dipped fresh squid rings 6.95€   Padron's peppers 5.00€
Mushrooms width garlic & ham 5.00€   Spanish Omelete 4.00€
Highly-seasoned pork sausage 4.80€   Galician octopus width potatoes 10.90€
Beach baby squids 8.30€   Manchego cheese 4.95€
Assorted Croquettes (home made) 1.80€   Frides squids tentacles 4.95€
Galician Tuna pie 4.85€   Grilled cuttlefish 5.95€
Russian salad 4.40€   Tuna cubes 5.00€
Codfish salad 5.95€   Spanish omelette width sausage or ham or cheese 6.95€
Grilled asparragus 4.50€   Cod omelet and tender garlic 8,30€
Foie scallion width beef tenderloin 9.90€   Toast of foie and camembert P. Ximenez 6.30€
Prawns fried width garlic 8.10€      
Broken egg with foie or ham 6,35€      

Teléfono Restaurante Los Cachitos
+34 933 292 811

Mapa Restaurante Los Cachitos
Ronda Sant Pau, 4
(08001 - Ciutat Vella, BCN)

Email Restaurante Los Cachitos
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bus Restaurante Los Cachitos
21 (Ronda Sant Pau - Paral·lel)

Metro Restaurante Los Cachitos
L2, L3, FM (Paral·lel)

Facebook Restaurante Los Cachitos

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